unique concept

We use unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge

Progress with the help of custom-tailored programs and a unique social chess platform developed by Swiss Grandmaster Yannick Pelletier and his team of expert professionals, all handpicked for talents who want to improve fast and efficiently.

Each program has been meticulously prepared for you by GM Yannick Pelletier and is built of exciting and necessary chess topics to be acquired throughout the year. Every topic is then accompanied by a pre-recorded video class to provide extra in-depth knowledge as a bonus.

Thanks to our unique learning and social platform, learning chess theory no longer has to be boring! We added gamification, quizzes and bonuses to keep you motivated and progressing fast! In case of a question, you can always visit our forum or chat with your teachers or friends online!

Our ultimate goal is to create a unique meeting and learning point for our students (and their parents) in the centre of Zurich once the sanitary situation allows us to do so. As of summer 2021, we are currently looking for a suitable space to host classes and workshops with world-renowned chess masters in a safe environment.

No matter how much you study, you have to practice! We are keeping an eye on the sanitary state evolution in order to organise tournaments for our students. In the meantime, we encourage our students to participate in our online tournaments as much as possible.

Well too often have we seen young talents give up on their dreams because of the pressure that builds up in their minds and their surrounding. We believe in positive upbringing and education, which in our opinion is the best approach for long-term success and mental health. And by the way, we have a strict no-bullying policy. 

It is never too soon to learn about nutrition and acquire positive wellbeing habits. Get guidance from workshops with professional nutritionists and coaches about a healthy lifestyle and how to apply it to the chessplayer’s routine.

Every parent wants to see their children succeed and accompany them in their development, but what does one do exactly? Receive customised advice through our newsletter and our thought-provoking podcasts for parents on how to provide the best guidance during chess training and tournaments for optimal results.


I am Yannick Pelletier, International Grandmaster and certified FIDE Senior Trainer from Switzerland. I discovered chess at the age of seven and since then have grown to become the first Swiss-raised Grandmaster and have been a constant member of the Swiss National Team since 1995.

Ever since I became a parent, positive education became an increasingly important subject to me. I was lucky enough to be supported at a young age when I was a child. I was surrounded by the right people who knew how to capture children’s attention and how to provide them with the right tools. Today, I am happy to present you Swiss Masters Chess Academy, an innovative incubator for young chess talents. 

Why study at SMCA

Founded and taught by leading Swiss Grandmaster
Team of expert professionals with vast experience
Unique and first of its kind concept and learning method
Combination of onsite (in Zurich, coming up) and online classes for best results
Personalised and closely tracked programs
Programs tested and pre-approved by happy students
Positive and amiable teaching approach
Strong community of inspired learners on our innovative social media platform
Skills and progress tracking accessible 24/7
Additional pre-registered lectures accessible 24/7
Applicable skills and sportsmanship lectures
Mental health and body fitness workshops by qualified specialists

We're here to help!

If you have any questions regarding our courses and method, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.