Episode 1: How to improve your chess by working alone

Ever wondered how to improve your chess strength by working and studying by yourself? We've got you covered! Check out this free class from our archives by GM Yannick Pelletier and start applying them during your Sunday trainings! You are training on Sundays, aren't you!?...

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Swiss Individual Championship 2021 – a recap from Flims

After a pandemic year of severely restricted activity, the elite of Swiss chess gathered again in Flims for the national championships. As all traditional opens were cancelled in order to comply with safety measures, only the 4 title events for men, women, juniors and seniors were organized in mid-July. Some of the best players in the country decided to stay out for different reasons, but the tournaments were nevertheless interesting and hard-fought.

1. SMCA Jungmeister Turnier Pfäffikon

Organisator: Yannick Pelletier, ausgerichtet durch Swiss Masters Chess AcademySchiedsrichterin: Rahel UmbachDatum: Samstag 16. Oktober 2021 Austragungsort:Hotel Sternen,Churerstrasse 348808 Pfäffikon/SZ Das Spiellokal befindet sich in unmittelbarer…